We’re coming back with a vengeance!

Tway – Spring 2017!  Stay tuned for updates!  

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Happy New Year 2013


Another year has passed and we were fortunate to spend time with family and friends. We didn’t get our house built las year but we haven’t given up hope. There are other options and I’d rather not go into debt for our dream. I hope that this year, we find an answer, a way to get our place further Along. Fingers are crossed. If we don’t build, the structure will morph into a three season cabin. Plans can change – we just need to keep pushing forward. 🙂

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Let the planning begin

Bill got our house plans printed out on larger paper on Friday. Now we have a proper set of plans to develop our interior designs. He also bought me a binder so we can keep our ideas organized. this is an important step towards the completion of our house and will assist us with pricing. June still seems so far away, but it will be here before we know it and we have to be ready.

It’s snowing this morning. It’s a light, misty snow. I love being in the middle of nowhere Saskatchewan. There’s nothing more peaceful than the blanketed quiet of a small town when it snows. The slow pace here is even slower, as the old timers take even more time to turn a corner or cross a street. I wil miss this when we move.



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Where’s the snow?

i started to write this post last week. We had long since been experiencing above normal temperatures and below normal amounts of snow. Well, be careful what you wish for…the snow came and so did the minus 40+ temps.

Tonight’s low will be -32c with a windchill factor of -47c. What a difference from the 5c we had last week. Oh well, winter was bound to rear its cold, gnarly head. At least it brought with it some snow. If the temps are warm enough on Sunday, we may even get out on our sleds.

Tonight though, a warm fire and after a conference call to Singapore, a glass of wine. And maybe I’ll wear my special hat. 🙂


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2012 in Tway

This winter has been extremely warm! I’m not complaining, because with about 6 months of winter, having temps that don’t dip below -20 C has been wonderful. Except…we haven’t had our snowmobiles out yet this season. This is typical. Not only do we have a new machine, and we even bought new sledding suits and paid to have a key start put on my sled, but we also bought a snowblower. Yes, with so many purchases intended for heavy snow, it’s not a wonder that we have a warmer than usual winter. That being said, Bill keeps reminding me that it’s only January and that we have plenty of winter left.

We have big plans for Tway this year. We’re hoping to get our house out of the ground. Hopefully we won’t have any delays or setbacks. We need to put everything we have into getting up here this year. Our plan is to be moved in by the fall. Will we make it? I think so. It will just depend on how badly we want it and how well we can use our resources (financial, physical, will power, etc.).

2012 High Level Plan
* finalize roof plan
* permits
* basement and septic dig – June
* Stand walls
* Roof structure
* Windows and doors
* Interior

This morning, we’re just kicking back in the cabin, watching Lost, fire burning in the fireplace, wind blowing through the trees outside. If we can will it to happen, we certainly will.


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Post Christmas Script

20120105-185759.jpg. There’s nothing like the sight of a child opening presents at Christmas!

20120105-190220.jpg. Even watching the big kids brings a smile.

20120105-190400.jpg. Christmas brings the kid out in all of us.





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Christmas Once Again

The holiday has come and gone so fast again this year. It really would be nicer if the holiday season slowed down a bit…but like the rest of life it seemed to speed by. One group of kids have left, and another will be arriving soon. But no matter how fast those few days pass by, they are always filled with love and joy.



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