Snow Machines and Getting Lost

We finally got out our snowmobiles out last weekend.  Not that they haven’t been available, but we just hadn’t found the time nor wanted to spend time out in the cold.  Last weekend it was perfect weather for a tour.  The temps were warm and it hadn’t started snowing yet.  but then…

Yeah, we got lost.  Took a path off the lake and drove through a few fields.  It clouded over and then started to snow.  There was no sun – no way to tell north, east, south or west.  And we’d lost sight of both the town grainery and the lake.

As you see from the video, it was a white out!  Thankfully, we pressed on and then backtracked and finally ended up back on the lake!

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Lost and Found!

It’s a fun ride but we can do without the getting lost part.  We didn’t have our cell phones on us, we were down to half a tank of gas, and I’d left a roast in the oven.  Still, I was determined to enjoy the ride.

Guess you never know when you might get lost, but you might as well enjoy the journey.
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