Waiting on the sun

It’s the 6th of June and we’ve only just gotten over the last frost. Where has summer gone? Global warming my butt! We came to Saskatchewan to enjoy the 100 degree F summer days, but after the first year, summer has sucked. We only just got our garden planted, due to rain and frost. 

Started planting the May long weekend…finished tonight – June 6/11But at least it’s planted.  Hopefully it will do better than it did last year.  But seriously, bring on the heat and give us a nice summer for a change. That being said, the weather was lovely for the kids’ visit May long.  It was Dominic’s birthday celebration, so we had our usual get together – minus uncle JM 😦 

Birthday Boy

We had a great party for Dominic, played crokinole and horseshoes, even some cards.    

Tara beating my butt at a game of Crokinole

It was a great visit, as usual, and though we had lots of fun, we got most of the garden in.   


BoyAnd we were soooooo lucky the weather was on our side.  Mid 80’s F (24 C I think) 

Kris and Garon playing horseshoes

It was  a great weekend that flew by all too quickly.  My girls said goodbye to me by leaving some pictures on my camera.  Brought tears…



The extended dog family

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