A Little Winter Fun

Now that the weather has changed for the better, my husband and I have been able to get out on our snowmobiles and oh what fun we had!  Yesterday we went out for a ride – we got back three hours later.  Today, I am stiff and sore!  Riding a skidoo is not a passive sport.  Muscles are used, and they aren’t the ones I use every day!


We had hoped to have more time on our sleds by now, but the weather’s been so cold.  We didn’t even get to any poker rally’s this year.  I’ve never heard of this before but it involves a hand of poker and racing on a pre-marked trail.  Many of the locals take part in these events.  Our Tway neighbours, Kathy and Morris, invited us out on one this past Saturday, but we declined.  Between the fact that it was still cold (-25c or so) and we had work in Tway to get done (just shoveling the driveway to get into the property this weekend was a forty minute chore), we decided that we’d pass.  Sunday we went back up to Tway (had to shovel the driveway again!), got a few things done then came home and decided we’d take the machines out.


It’s not always an easy task – the ride, that is.  First off, the machines can be buried as they were this time, and have to be dug out.  My husband does this, though he isn’t fond of the chore.  Then they need filled with gas, and our equipment found and donned.  All in all this can take an hour or more.  But yesterday was a fine day for a ride, so it was worth it.


We rode up the lake, taking stock of the cottages and ice fishing huts the dot the lake.  It’s a boring ride, often rather bumpy, as the wind sweeps across the lake, causing snow drifts that harden to cement.  At any rate once we got to the end of the lake, we rode across the countryside to our Tway location. 


After petting the ponies, we turned around and rode back.  We’d have stayed longer, but now that we have a door on the cabin we have to remember to take a key!  I had to get back to cook supper anyway, so we didn’t stay long. 


We took a scenic route home, through some trails, and got back after 5pm.  We were tired, a nice tired, the kind of tired out that you get from playing outside in the wind and sun.  It’s a relaxing feeling and very easy to be lulled into a vegetative state for the rest of the evening.


My only regret was not getting into the hot tub after the ride.  I think my back and arm muscles would have thanked me!


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1 Response to A Little Winter Fun

  1. Kathy says:

    Looks like fun. Hope u had a great day! Love, Kathy

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