Time and Money

I haven’t posted in a while…  Been working, sold an option on my screenplay, Dial Tone, and have been absorbed in family life here with kids close and a new grandson.  Things on the farm are slowing down.  We had an interesting season.  Frost killed our first planting of veggies but we replanted.  We had a nice, warm September and the garden thrived – for the most part.  Of the 100 or so tomato plants that I grew from seed, we only got a handful of fruit due to the weather.  However,  I managed to freeze some Tway corn on the cob and to bag some zuchinni – but where is the time to do anything other than that anymore?  I didn’t even get to pick the rose hips this year!  😦  Deep chilling temps hit us the first week or so of October and many of us in SK were caught off guard.  Farmers are still working to try to bring in what’s left of their crops.
The dream of a full time, money paying farm is slowly coming to a point of realization – even farmers don’t make enough to make ends meet.  We have revamped our plans slightly.  Now, instead of concentrating on the property as a ‘farm’ for the time being it’s a cabin in the woods.  When we get to the point of retirement, we can pick up where we left off.  Right now, it’s just too much.
So for the upcoming year we are looking at finishing off the cabin, interior and exterior and getting the water and electric hooked up.  Winter should be fun, as now the cabin is insulated and we can have full day runs on the snow machines with a nice, warm place to come back to.  We have a few loose ends that need to be finalized, but once they are we should be in good position to gear up for next years projects.
Sorry fact is that we need to work for the money to pay for the projects, but that leaves us with little time to actually complete them  Ironic…
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  1. Astrid says:

    Hi I came on your blog by accident, was looking on somebody else\’s computer for my own blog. typed wakaw and appletree(acres) and your blog came up instead of mine.We live in Wakaw…had our weekend get away like you have..andmoved out here permanent last year November to homestead.Lots of same ideas, would like to get in touch with you.Our oldest boy works for Tim (the american) astrid_molendijk at h.tmail.com hope to hear from youAstrid

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