Waiting on the sun

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It’s the 6th of June and we’ve only just gotten over the last frost. Where has summer gone? Global warming my butt! We came to Saskatchewan to enjoy the 100 degree F summer days, but after the first year, summer … Continue reading

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Spring? Hast thou come our way, at last?

Okay, so much for being dramatic, but it’s been a long cold lonely winter, to quote George Harrison.  March sucked, as far as weather went.  It came in like a lion, froze us half to death with -30 c temps long after it’s appropriate, and then finally left in shame with a mere +1 c to offer.  What gives?

Last trip out on the snow machines and we stumbled across this.

Where is global warming?  At any rate, we are now into spring and Wednesday of this week promises +8 c.  That should take what’s left of the snow.  Last weekend we went out again on our machines on a 40 mile tour.  There was still lots of snow.  Lots to go…

That being said, we are gearing up for a new season.  Both gardens are slated for an overhaul and we may even get more apple trees.  We’ll see how it all works out.  For now, we’re still encapsulated in snowbanks, wishing for the spring melt.

There's still about 3 feet of snow on the ground in Tway.

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Snow Machines and Getting Lost

We finally got out our snowmobiles out last weekend.  Not that they haven’t been available, but we just hadn’t found the time nor wanted to spend time out in the cold.  Last weekend it was perfect weather for a tour.  The temps were warm and it hadn’t started snowing yet.  but then…

Yeah, we got lost.  Took a path off the lake and drove through a few fields.  It clouded over and then started to snow.  There was no sun – no way to tell north, east, south or west.  And we’d lost sight of both the town grainery and the lake.

As you see from the video, it was a white out!  Thankfully, we pressed on and then backtracked and finally ended up back on the lake!

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Lost and Found!

It’s a fun ride but we can do without the getting lost part.  We didn’t have our cell phones on us, we were down to half a tank of gas, and I’d left a roast in the oven.  Still, I was determined to enjoy the ride.

Guess you never know when you might get lost, but you might as well enjoy the journey.
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Twas the Perfect Season in Wakaw

What can I say? This Christmas was wonderful. We’ve been so fortunate to have so many kids around us for the second year in a row. It was perfect.

Every year, I outline the Christmas menu. And every year, after the menu has been printed, there are last minute changes. I don’t think I’ve ever served exactly what was on the menu, but it’s still perfect. 

The menu - almost right...

Nor did we skidoo like we did last year.  Instead, we stayed indoors out of the cold and played cards and games ; only sojourning to the great outdoors to take a nightly dip in the hot tub.  Yes, this year was perfectly imperfect. 

Texas Hold'em Gang
Texas Hold’em Gang

This is a big year for Bill and I.  We both celebrate milestone birthdays, and today, the 20th anniversary of our first I Love You, we enter into our 20th year together.  Like this Christmas, Bill and I are perfectly imperfect. 

 Next Christmas will be different for us, as more kids won’t be here than will be – so we’ll have to think of ways to make it as special as the past two Christmases have been around here.

 We have such a great time when we gather together, in the spirit of love and Christmas and family.  I’ll always remember these times.

Bill and I in front of the tree.

More Christmas 2010 pics here.


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Christmas Countdown is On!

One month…just one more month and the house will be full of family, fun, and food!   I’m so very glad that Tara, Kris (and ) and JM will be here to share it with James, Janessa, Dominic, Bill and I (the Wakaw folks).  We were all together last year as well and it was a wonderful time.   And for those family members unable to make it out to the prairies, we’ll do Skype calls to bring them closer and pull them into our Christmas celebration. 

But First:

Bill's Christmas Cookies

No one can pass up a taste of Bill's sugar cookies. He uses a recipe from the early 1900's.

Bill will start his home -baked sugar cookies and shortbread soon! I’ll add some of my cookies to his bevy of baked good, but by and large, his cookies are the favorite!  Dominic will love to help his Grandpa to decorate the cookies this year – though it will be hard to keep him from eating the dough, I’m sure!  And  decorating the house can officially begin soon.  Yes, before long we’ll be humming Christmas carols and decking the halls, readying for Santa.  And for our grown up fun time, we’ve already been testing out a few Martinis that we’ll unleash this year.  Two have captured our taste buds: the Pineapple Upside Down Cake Martini and the Hale Bopper Martini. 

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Martini

Smells like dessert!

We have traditional meals at Christmastime.  On Christmas Eve, Bill always makes his yummy honey garlic chicken wings, and on Christmas Day we have the traditional Christmas Day meal of Turkey, mashed ‘tatoes and other assorted goodies.  Over the past year, we have adopted another tradition – the Wild Game meal.  This is a meal in which we serve meats such as elk, venison, buffalo, etc.  The kids really enjoy a taste of something a little different.


Let it Snow and Hark, the Herald Angels Sing!  Bring on Santa and his reindeer and serene scenes of the baby Jesus’ birth.  Turn on the lights and the huge plastic, inflatable snowmen that sit on front lawns in town.  I love Christmas.  Every bit of it.

Bill's and my traditional Christmas Kiss in front of the Tree.

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Settling in for the winter

The summer toys have been put away.  The farm buckled down, and we’re just getting ready for Christmas.  Winter is pretty much here… and though it’s been a warm autumn, I’m ready for the change of seasons.  With each passing year, we’ve watched our farm change, and even us too.  Change is good.  Without it, I think we’d grow bored…I know I would, at least. 

Change is more than what you know being different somehow.  It’s about progression, sometimes regressions.  It brings new opportunities, and chances to learn.  Sometimes it challenges you, and other times discourages you.  But one thing is certain, change is a constant.

Bill and I have seen a few changes this year.  We both got new jobs – He with a new company, me, just a new position.  We saw our family grow by one, and we lost a couple of pets (the miniature ponies were too much upkeep when working full time).  We had plans that we’d changed and also our hearts.  Sometimes what you set out to do in life, suddenly becomes more of an obstacle than a path.  So we morph.  We constantly morph our thoughts and plan when the road is closed in one direction, still seeking that pleasant outcome.

It’s almost 7am and we are on our way to work.  It’s snowing out but the roads are still clear.  Winter is here, and with it comes a fresh new bed of snow that we can lay down on, arms outstretched, and fashion snow angels – this years plans.

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Hmmm…I don’t like this new site but here goes nothing

Here are pics from our anniversary weekend in Waskesiu. 


and here is a link to the rest of my photos.


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