Twas the Perfect Season in Wakaw

What can I say? This Christmas was wonderful. We’ve been so fortunate to have so many kids around us for the second year in a row. It was perfect.

Every year, I outline the Christmas menu. And every year, after the menu has been printed, there are last minute changes. I don’t think I’ve ever served exactly what was on the menu, but it’s still perfect. 

The menu - almost right...

Nor did we skidoo like we did last year.  Instead, we stayed indoors out of the cold and played cards and games ; only sojourning to the great outdoors to take a nightly dip in the hot tub.  Yes, this year was perfectly imperfect. 

Texas Hold'em Gang
Texas Hold’em Gang

This is a big year for Bill and I.  We both celebrate milestone birthdays, and today, the 20th anniversary of our first I Love You, we enter into our 20th year together.  Like this Christmas, Bill and I are perfectly imperfect. 

 Next Christmas will be different for us, as more kids won’t be here than will be – so we’ll have to think of ways to make it as special as the past two Christmases have been around here.

 We have such a great time when we gather together, in the spirit of love and Christmas and family.  I’ll always remember these times.

Bill and I in front of the tree.

More Christmas 2010 pics here.


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