Christmas Countdown is On!

One month…just one more month and the house will be full of family, fun, and food!   I’m so very glad that Tara, Kris (and ) and JM will be here to share it with James, Janessa, Dominic, Bill and I (the Wakaw folks).  We were all together last year as well and it was a wonderful time.   And for those family members unable to make it out to the prairies, we’ll do Skype calls to bring them closer and pull them into our Christmas celebration. 

But First:

Bill's Christmas Cookies

No one can pass up a taste of Bill's sugar cookies. He uses a recipe from the early 1900's.

Bill will start his home -baked sugar cookies and shortbread soon! I’ll add some of my cookies to his bevy of baked good, but by and large, his cookies are the favorite!  Dominic will love to help his Grandpa to decorate the cookies this year – though it will be hard to keep him from eating the dough, I’m sure!  And  decorating the house can officially begin soon.  Yes, before long we’ll be humming Christmas carols and decking the halls, readying for Santa.  And for our grown up fun time, we’ve already been testing out a few Martinis that we’ll unleash this year.  Two have captured our taste buds: the Pineapple Upside Down Cake Martini and the Hale Bopper Martini. 

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Martini

Smells like dessert!

We have traditional meals at Christmastime.  On Christmas Eve, Bill always makes his yummy honey garlic chicken wings, and on Christmas Day we have the traditional Christmas Day meal of Turkey, mashed ‘tatoes and other assorted goodies.  Over the past year, we have adopted another tradition – the Wild Game meal.  This is a meal in which we serve meats such as elk, venison, buffalo, etc.  The kids really enjoy a taste of something a little different.


Let it Snow and Hark, the Herald Angels Sing!  Bring on Santa and his reindeer and serene scenes of the baby Jesus’ birth.  Turn on the lights and the huge plastic, inflatable snowmen that sit on front lawns in town.  I love Christmas.  Every bit of it.

Bill's and my traditional Christmas Kiss in front of the Tree.

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