Settling in for the winter

The summer toys have been put away.  The farm buckled down, and we’re just getting ready for Christmas.  Winter is pretty much here… and though it’s been a warm autumn, I’m ready for the change of seasons.  With each passing year, we’ve watched our farm change, and even us too.  Change is good.  Without it, I think we’d grow bored…I know I would, at least. 

Change is more than what you know being different somehow.  It’s about progression, sometimes regressions.  It brings new opportunities, and chances to learn.  Sometimes it challenges you, and other times discourages you.  But one thing is certain, change is a constant.

Bill and I have seen a few changes this year.  We both got new jobs – He with a new company, me, just a new position.  We saw our family grow by one, and we lost a couple of pets (the miniature ponies were too much upkeep when working full time).  We had plans that we’d changed and also our hearts.  Sometimes what you set out to do in life, suddenly becomes more of an obstacle than a path.  So we morph.  We constantly morph our thoughts and plan when the road is closed in one direction, still seeking that pleasant outcome.

It’s almost 7am and we are on our way to work.  It’s snowing out but the roads are still clear.  Winter is here, and with it comes a fresh new bed of snow that we can lay down on, arms outstretched, and fashion snow angels – this years plans.

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