Where did summer go?

This had to have been the worst summer on record in recent years in these parts.  We’ve asked…everyone.  One of the reasons we moved here was the weather.   This province sees 100 degree heat F in the summertime.  We saw those temps the first year and haven;t seen them since.  And the rain…  We don’t know what has happened – but it ain’t no global warming!

We haven’t been to the cabin much…the weather, sucking as it has, has prevented even the thought of wanting to go there for the weekend.  But we went last weekend and even through the rain, we had a great time. 

It didn’t rain the entire time, so we managed to move some wood around outside and we cut the grass.  Got some nice pics too…  Then, when the rains came, we focused our attention on the inside.  We did a bit of insulating and put up some vapour barrier.  We’re hoping to have all the walls up before spring!

On another note our son, James, is in the process of buying his first home here in Wakaw.  We are starting to take root in this small town.  It’s funny to think how this all started and to look at where we are now.  Nothing is as we thought it would be and yet I can’t think of wanting to be anyplace else.  This land has seeped into us and has

claimed us as its own.

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