You Know Your a Local When…

What can I say?  You know when you’re actually ‘livinin’ it’ when you stop writing about it!  Well, that and the fact that I’ve had so little time to write anything lately.  Ask my parents who each received hastily scrawled birthday and father’s day cards!!  Glad they understand.  It’s a busy life here now.  Not only am I working full time but we have the garden to tend (that we had to plant twice due to a late frost), a new grandbaby to play with, horses to feed, grass to cut, a house to show, and a cabin to complete.


At any rate, we should have  power this week!  I can’t wait for POWER!  That’s the one thing (besides running water) that I miss.  Now that we have the place furnished more or less, power will allow even more comforts from home. 


Thoughts of a local:  deer and rabbits are nice and all, but not in a garden!  Chipmunks are cute, but not in the cabin or trailer or car!  Gulls are pretty to watch but are pretty noisy in a flock of hundreds!  Coyotes howling at night sound so awesome- but not near my camp!  You see, being a farmer you can’t allow yourself to get too caught up in ‘nature’ as you are constantly in the midst of it – and sometimes it’s actually not a good thing! 


We finally got the opportunity to test out the local fishing hole and MAN, was I excited!  Seemed like people were catching fish every few minutes.  I finally adopted the locals’ way of fishing (just a lure, no leader, no setting of the hook, then breaking their necks to put them out of their misery and keep the meat tasty- ugh) and I caught a handful of pickerel!  Not large mind you, but a good feed and very tasty!


Our hay did ok this year, but with no rain in May it didn’t grow very tall so the haul is probably smaller than last year.  Oh well, there’s always next year!  Our farmer friend, Morris, said I was already talking like a farmer!  Farmer = Optimist!


Our mindset is changing.  No longer are we visitors or voyeurs into a life unknown; we are now living the life. 

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