Spring Babies

Spring is coming, slow but sure.  You can tell by the hours of sunlight there are in a day.  No longer is it still dark at 9am – no, the sun lights up the fields well before 6:30 and the solar boost is wonderful!  The snow’s melting too and the brown and black of crop and dirt are starting to poke through the snow.  By Saskatoon, nearly all the field snow is gone.  It won’t be long now and with temps rising, the snow should be gone by the weekend!  Whoohoo! 
Spring brings babies – in many ways.  We visited with neighbours this weekend and got to see some calfs – newborn ones!  They are so big!  And it’s kind of strange to see how able they are.  All except one little one who was born on the snow.  Our friends didn’t see him right away and so he may have laid there for a while before getting him into the warmth of a barn.  That and the fact that his mother was a heffer makes his future uncertain.  Heffers, I am told, are first time mothers.  Quite often they don’t know what to do with the baby and therefore have to be supervised a bit closer.  Hopefully the little one makes it.  It would be a shame otherwise.
And even more babies!  A grandson is due in just 7 weeks and we look forward to the new life.  It’s great to see how the kids have decided to stay in town and will be close to us.  At least one of our kids will be here to share our country life!  For now at least. 
We got a lot accomplished over the weekend.  Both work and play, but I am paying for it today – stiff and sore from the work and tired out from both.  Hopefully, in a few short weeks I’ll have my muscles used to the work and will be fit as a fiddle and ready for the work that spring brings.  Not only are we working on the cabin, but we have a garden to plant and chickens to ready for…as well as a new baby to goo and gah at.  Busy times ahead!
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