Is It Spring Yet?

Every winter is a winter of my discontent.  Most call it cabin fever – ya know?  Too cold to go out and play, stuck indoors, and when you do go out, you grit your teeth and shiver against the cold.  No fun.  I find that every year, by this time, I am done with winter!  Let it go.
This has been an extremely cold winter for us, here in the middle of the prairies.  It’s been cold for most parts of North America, so we’re not alone.  But when it’s this cold, we can’t even get out to enjoy the snow machines.  That’s going to change this weekend.  Though it will be cool, we’re going to get out for a spin…spend some time in Tway and hopefully get the wood stove up and running once and for all.
Ah yes, the mighty wood stove.  Keeper of the flame.  We bought that sucker a year ago from a cottager.  Paid $400 for it – looked like it was in good condition and we’d be able to install it easily.  Well, it wasn’t.  First off, there were several pieces missing and we didn’t actually know this until we got the instructions (a few weeks later) and then tried to install it (just recently).  And parts of it have changed so what’s written in the instructions is no longer accurate.  So, after all that, Bill is finally nearing the finishing touches and this weekend – let there be HEAT. 
We have many plans for spring so we’d like to see it hurry its green butt here.  We have to start some seedlings indoors to prepare them for planting.  I still have a box of wine to make – not sure if I’ll get to this yet or not.  I’m going to start up my own business, too, so that’s going to take some work – plus we’re gearing up for animals (poultry and cattle) in Tway this year.  Not to mention that we’ll be working hard to finish the interior of the cabin.  Lots of work!  After re-reading all this, now I’m antsy…  Well if it isn’t one thing, it’s another. 
Happy Valentine’s Day and may spring be not far behind
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