Family on the Farm

For the past year, it’s been just Bill and I out here in Saskatchewan.  Our kids are spread from east to west, the nearest being a six hour drive from here.  Recently that has changed with the arrival of our son, James, and his fiancé, Janessa.  There’s a baby due in the spring and that will make our second grandchild.  I don’t feel old, but the clock keeps ticking and time moves by faster than you can say "What time is it?"

As the kids have gotten older, they’ve kind of drifted apart.  This is a natural part of growing up and living so far away from each other – but I hope they all work to stay close.  They have a shared past, common roots, and a kinship bond that lasts a lifetime.  So what does all this have to do with the farm?
All the kids have now seen our digs in Tway and have experienced the joy of being on 160 acres of our property.  They’ve ridden the toys, helped us work, sat out with us under the starry night sky, laughed, dreamed and hoped with us.  That is something they all share.
What’s neat is how they gift us with things to remind us of them.  For our housewarming (landwarming in the case) gift, Tara gave us a tree face.  Eyes, nose and mouth that you stick onto a tree to make it look human I suppose.  We like how this fellow looks out over our orchard, keeping animals at bay.  In the summer our grandson, Tavish, made us a lovely birdfeeder.  It feed many winged creatures this summer, high up in the poplar tree behind our trailer.  For Christmas, daughter Heather sent us a wind chime – to remind us of her and Tavish.  We appreciate how the kids look for ways to keep their spirits with us, even when they can’t be!
I want to be a Walton!  I was thinking about that show the other day – about how strong their family was (fictional or no), about how sweet times were back in those days, simple.  I think I’ll look for a box set of the DVDs.  Bill and I are already Ma and Pa.  We’ve got 6 kids…heck, we even closed one evening in our trailer this autumn with Jason and Liz by calling out into the darkness "Goodnight John Boy – Goodnight Mary Ellen."  We’re an updated version of the Waltons, to be sure, but almost there….
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