Christmas Is Coming, Turn Up the Heat

It’s been a while since I last posted an update…not because of being extremely busy, but I was sick for a bit and, well, there wasn’t much going on. Our building endeavors have been frozen out by cold weather. I mean teeth-chattering CCCOOOLLLDDD -35c with the wind chill. So it’s way too cold to be trying to build anything outside. Not fit for man nor beast outside. That in mind, dressed in a skidoo suit and boots I have no problems with the temps. My ponies don’t seem to mind too much but I feel so sorry for them out in the cold. Frost grows from their hair, mouth and eyelashes and the poor things look so cold. I took two blankets out for them but the minute Sunny saw the blanket he actually jumped. I guess they aren’t used to wearing them and no way no how was I going to get one on their back. So I feel better having tried but they declined the offer. When I got back into the van my hair was frosted up just like theirs…didn’t hurt or anything so I guess they’ll be ok. They do use their stable a lot. I can see where they lay down so I know they are getting some relief. Wish I had a heated stable for them though.

So I did end up purchasing quite a few things from the auction. Got the cook stove, and furniture, and antique woodworking tools, lots of goodies. We are, in fact, decorating the house not yet built! Oh well, they will all look nice once we are in our new place. I bought some barn board and really want to make our kitchen cabinets out of that but Bill would rather use something else. We’ll see which road we take once we get to that point. I really want to make a butcher block counter top. The price would be right and it will look fantastic. I plan to inlay tile into the wood and also to cut into it a cutting board that can be removed and replaced when old and beaten up. I can’t wait to start working with our tools again. I have had my nail pouch on and have used the air nailer but I want to get my scroll saw out, clamp some wood together…see if the old jointer I bought works – be the carpenter I once was. There’s nothing like creativity or the act of creation. Come summertime I plan to make a gable end ornament for the peak of our building. Guess I should call it a cottage now, as I think we will be using it for a home base for a while – until we decide how to build the new house and determine where funding will come from.

Christmas is only a week away…I’m ready and yet not. It doesn’t feel Christmassy this year. I like when all the kids are here and we have a nice, family Christmas, but I have two no-shows 😦 – so the kids who do show will be in for quite a treat. Since the group is smaller I’ll make the meal more gourmet. I plan to start with an appetizer of Coquille Saint Jacques, then onto a Prime Rib Roast, with Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Mashed Rutabaga, Brussel Sprouts, Yorkshire Pudding, Peas and Cranberry Sauce on a bed of lettuce. We’ll get out the bar guide and find some interesting and good tasting drinks and have a great time…in spite of the fact that we’ll be missing a few loved bodies! It should be quite interesting actually. Since using SKYPE, we talk to most of my family online via video conference so that’s how my flight attendant daughter will participate with Christmas morning – she’ll be SkYPing in from Costa Rica. Lucky girl. 🙂 My baby – ok, he’s 18 – will be in contact via phone.

Bill and I talked about how things are changing and how we miss the kids at Christmas…and how that is probably going to be a trend, as they all get older and have their own lives. Now, we’ll have to start doing traditional things for the two of us. Not so bad I guess. I can take Christmas in the tropics.

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