No Hunting – Private Property – Keep OUT

Well, well…hunting season has begun.  We weren’t up on our property much last year at this time.  Didn’t see how much traffic there is up in Tway this time of year.  Hunters!  And guess who we found frolicking through our fields?  Hunters!  If I had a gun 😉 
Guess I’ve always been a bit territorial.  Heck, who am I kidding…I can be a regular pit bull with lip stick.  But this really ticks me off for many reasons:
1.  We own the property.  No one should think they can just go on it without consent.
2.  We have the property posted.  The one area that wasn’t was due to not having a tree to post on (it’s the field section) – but today I fixed that and staked a notice into the frozen ground.
3.  We’re up there working almost every day – we could get shot by someone who shouldn’t be on our property to begin with.
4.  We have ponies on site that are the same color as deer – I think…then again, so is my hair color so I’m really in danger!
No, I don’t want anyone on my property.  If we chose to hunt an animal, it would only be for food reasons.  We hunt and stalk with cameras and I think the animals in our neck of the woods know that.  They know they are safe on our property…for the most part.  Like I said, I wouldn’t rule out hunting to provide for the table, but hunting for the joy of the kill isn’t our bag.  Not that it’s wrong, it’s just not something we want to encourage – especially on our PRIVATE PROPERTY.  Stay off, please. 
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