Is It Christmas Yet?

Autumn has all but left us, here in northern Saskatchewan.  We had our first flakes of snow yesterday.  I was in Tway with the ponies and Butch was in the stable with me and Sunny until he saw the white flakes whizzing by.  He walked outside and just stood there for a moment.  He’s a beautiful pony – and covered in snow he looked like I shoulda had my camera!  Oh well…there will be other photo opps. 
So as we close off the 2008 year, I am happy with our progress.  We’ve done so much this year that it’s really changed the way our property looks.  It looks like someone will be living there soon!  And if all goes well, we will be.  2009 will bring some new adventures for us!  We’ve got grandchildren on the way and planned.  We’ve got a potential move and new businesses on the horizon.  Family will be a huge influence for us this year, with parents moving close by us for the summer and kids moving in with us while they get set up in their adult life.  I’m still pitching scripts so there’s always hope there…and we’ve got each other.  What a gift.  The move wasn’t really the most affecting on our relationship – it’s been me working from home, being able to focus on my man and our home that has made the biggest difference in our life.  We’re solid.  And I like that!
At any rate, winter is slowly creeping up on us and I’m looking forward to getting out on the sleds again.  Maybe we’ll even get the ice fishing hut out this year.  I hope so…I like fishing and it’s something that I have really yet to do here!  Crazy!!  That’s one of the reason’s I wanted to move here.  We’ve been that busy.  It will happen though, and I’ll be the only one eating my catch, I’m sure.  That’s ok. 
So it’s time for me to start decorating for Christmas.  Let the sleigh bells ring! 
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