Oh, to be a Farmer

Next year…yes, we’ll be certifed farmers by next year.  Not that they give you a certificate or anything, but we’ll have livestock and hopefully our house will be started.  We’ve already got a crop and hopefully we’ll have the tools for harvesting next year.  Then, we will be farmers!  So what will we do?  We’re not 100% sure yet.  I have to develop a business plan over the winter to figure out how we’ll make a living.  Notice I didn’t say get rich?  Yeah, that’s virtually impossible as a small time farmer.  Governments in many countries have made being a prosperous farmer impossible.  Agriculture is now AGRIBUSINESS.  And in order to make any money you need to be a big gun and play by the big gun rules.  Not I (or we).  We shall be happy to make a living off our small farm without getting involved in the agribusiness of farming.  We are opting for simple.  I’ve got lots of ideas about what we could do, but I’ll need to do more research to figure out which ideas are worthy of follow through. 
For now, we are concentrating on getting the barn built for the horses, the garage built for us and the shed for our tools.  We’ve come a long way this summer.  Next summer will be a blast and I can’t wait to start moving our plans forward.  A list, I need a list (being a perpetual list maker), one that I can work from and start crossing off completed items.  A list that, come spring, we’ll have only one to do item left – and that one will read MOVE FROM WAKAW TO TWAY!  🙂 
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2 Responses to Oh, to be a Farmer

  1. 寵愛 says:

    Good luck my friends, I wish to be a chicken farmer too, because I like eggs.  Ha ha (^^)//

  2. Jackie says:

    Well good luck with that too!  We\’ll have chickens up there hopefully next spring!  🙂

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