When I was nine or ten, I remember my mom offering me a penny for every fly I killed in the house.  It was summer and you know how flies are in the summer?  Annoying!!  And with four little kids running in and out of the house all day, there must have been a ton of flies in our house.  Killing flies was my very first job.  1 cent per dead body – or so I thought.  Being entrepreneurial at heart, I thought "Mom’s going to give me a penny for every dead fly I present to her". I not only did I kill a few, but figured that it was just easier to round up all the already dead flies that were laying on window sills in between the screen and the window.  I must have found hundreds!  I was sure I’d be rich.  Well, my Mother wasn’t born yesterday and that get rich scheme failed.  I was paid a dime for the flies I actually killed…no more. 
I must have killed 200 flies this weekend!  Now that it’s getting cooler at night, the flies are desperate to find warmth and our heated screened in porch is a beacon to them.  I don’t know how they get in…but they do.  This weekend was the worst, for flies.  If I had a penny for every fly I killed…
So we bought a couple of miniature ponies.  Why?  The price was right and they’re adorable!  Plus they establish something – no matter how many second thoughts we’ve had about moving here (and we’ve had a few), we’re not moving back to Calgary.  We can’t now, we have real critters!  I suppose we could sell them if we had to, but that’s not the point.  The point is that the idea of the farm and living in Tway has been just that, an idea.  Now we actually have animals.  Now it is really starting to be a farm:  Avalon Lane Farm.  It’s coming…slow but sure.
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