Changing Seasons

It’s going into the second week of September and I still can’t believe summer’s over.  It went by so fast and we didn’t do half the things we wanted to do, but then again, we did far more than I thought we’d do.  When I think back to spring, prior to us selling our lot, I would never have guessed we’d get much more accomplished than the screened in porch, the orchard and maybe the well.  Didn’t dream we’d be putting up the garage and a shed, and have a doc in the water.  Didn’t think we’d sell our hay.  Guess you could say we had a good summer after all.
Autumn crispness is in the air and I love it.  I love the changing seasons.  Now ask me how much I love it in mid-January when we have blizzards and the temperature dips down to -40, but right now it’s lovely.  Going into the 70’s today, not too hot but warm enough to enjoy the day.  Things aren’t growing anymore – too cold at night – but we still have some corn to pick and potatoes to harvest.  We did pretty good this year.  Next year, our garden should be fabulous!
Got the quote in for getting the electricity into the site.  Ouch.  Likely 10K…but then we can have real comfort up there, with lights and heat.  Of course, we’ll be paying through the nose for heat so that’s not a good option at least until we have an insulated building.  As for our building plans, we still plan to start construction in the spring/ summer – depending on the sale of this house. 
With summer being over, now it’s time for me to get my head back into my screenplays.  I feel like working, and working hard.  Everyone takes a break in the summer, so I’ll let myself off the hook for being lazy this past month, but now is the time to get back at it.  Between writing and canning my days will be full.
So what have I been doing this past month?  R&R mostly, but I have been a busy canner.  Had lots of berries so I made lots of jams.  I made rose hip jam – first time I’d ever tasted it – and it was delicious.  Made choke cherry jam and, well, let’s just say that choke cherries might be good for wine and for throat congestion, but it makes a bitter jam.  I still haven’t tackled the pin cherries.  They’re in the freezer, waiting for me.  Yesterday, I made a batch of crabapple sauce.  It’s delicious and a little goes a long way as the taste is strong and tart, but very good.  Pity it took so long to get so little sauce though.  I cleaned lots of crabapples and the hual was only 4 pint jars.  No wonder they were so skinny back in the old days, when it took lots of time and muscle to prepare and store food.  Trying to sieve the crabapples through the strainer is hard work.  Already broke one strainer.  The manual says I can use a food mill, but I’ve never seen one of those…I was thinking of using my juicer, but then I’d have no pulp at all.  We’ll see.  I need a faster way to process this stuff – the day simply isn’t long enough.
So what’s up for us next is to finish the garage exterior.  We need the shell in order to start working on the inside before the snow flies.  Then we need to finish some of the projects we started in our home in Wakaw to get it ready for a spring sale.  I’m excited!!  The fall and winter will go as fast as spring and summer and before you know it, we’ll be packed up and moved again, working on our new place.  Time to start drawing up the plans.  We’ve got an architect lined up to draw the plans up for us, just need to give him some drawings.  Before I know it, we’ll be living in Tway and I’ll be writing of adventures of our farm animals.  Yeah, I like that.
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