Summer is Almost Gone – What a Shame

Well, it’s that time again.  End of summer – end of the lazy days – hey, wait a minute!  We never had lazy days.  We pretty much worked our summer away.  And we’ll do the same with fall and winter as we build the garage and get it ready for spring.  We’ve had a ball though.  Bill and I always make sure we play as much as we work.  Friday nights usually consist of playing music, sipping on wine and dancing on the screened in porch.  That was our Friday night. 
It was chilly, dipping down to 4celcius, but Bill bought us a portable kerosene heater so we were plenty warm.  We had a nice meal of steak and taters and stayed up to watch the stars come out.  Now that we’re into August, you can actually see them – the sky is blacker at night this time of year.  Just beautiful.
We managed to get the fourth wall up on the garage and are nearly ready for the rafters.  Bill just needs to level the top plates and away we go!  It’s going to be so nice to get the exterior completed.  Then we can focus on the interior.
It’s harvest time in these parts.  Morris has cut our hay twice now.  We’re doing this by ‘shares’, in that he gets 2/3 of our crop.  This works for us now as we don’t have any animals to feed and we don’t have the machinery to cut and bale hay.  We will one day though…and at  the price of a bale ($45-$100 dependent upon quality) this will be part of our income once we’re into this full time.  We got 245 bales out of this years crop. 
We went down to check the garden out and found that it’d been hit by frost!!  We harvested the potatoes from the worst hit plants.  I think we got about 100lbs of taters.  The onions are nice too.  The only thing that didn’t do well was the corn.
The ponds looking better now that the weeds have somewhat subsided.  More birds are frequenting it as well, now that they are gathering for their trip south.  It’s nice to watch them bob and float.
We’ve picked lots of berries over the past week and I was busy making jam: choke cherry, raspbberry and saskatoon berry.  Froze what I couldn’t process…I can make more jam later.  I’ll need to start making crabapple jam – the tree outside (in Wakaw) is overloaded with ripe fruit.  The apple tree did well too.  I’ll be busy for sure.
Where did the summer go?  I’m sure it was in there somewhere – in between the work and exploration.  We didn’t even get our boat out this year.  Oh well, there’s always next year!
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