Crop Dusting

Crop dusting…sounds like a mild clean up of the crops…add a little polish and they’re shiny and new.  NOT!  It should be called Letting Poisons into The Atmosphere.  Guess that’s a little long, but you get the idea.  Last year, there was very little crop dusting going on around here.  They don’t need to do it, as there is special equipment that sprays very close to the ground, if farmer so happen to want to spray poison onto plants – but crop dusting should be outlawed!  There was a crop duster who crashed on the weekend in a field nearby.  No one has come to investigate, no one has cleaned up the spilled chemicals.  Where is the policing of this stuff??   It’s a known poison and if it was Round Up – which it most likely was – it’s a poison that had never been fully tested prior to public release.  Same as the Monsanto GMO’s (Genetic Modified Organism) – never fully tested prior to release to the general public for consumption.  I read that we currently eat 70-80% GMO food because that’s what is used in the processed food industry.  Unless you buy organic, you don’t really know what you are eating.  Man, I feel a tirade coming on.  We should all be very afraid at what the government is letting profit-minded companies do to our food.  Okay, rant over.  We did have a nice weekend other than being sprayed with chemicals on Sunday by another crop duster who was working on the field across the road.  The irony is that we came to the country to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, remove ourselves from the pollution and chaos – only to find matters of a more serious nature here, in the middle of no where.  How can we keep our food safe from the airborn poisons?  Is anything truly organic anymore??  Should Monsanto be allowed to patent seeds and PIGS for God’s sake?  For our sake…
EDIT – July 23/08
So I see that someone at has posted a link to our site stating:
Well, whoever posted this – it is you that is misinformed.  Round Up is a poison.  It was created to KILL weeds.  So, how did you come by my site anyway?  It is posted for family and friends and the odd person who looks up odd information that might link to a word posted.  Perhaps you were looking up ROUND UP or MONSANTO?  At any rate, here are a list of links that shows the dangers of Round UP:  The World According to Monsanto – make sure you watch all 10 parts.  Article from the Organic Consumer Organization  Article from
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