So Much To Do – So Little Time

Isn’t that the way it always is?  There’s always so much to do and never enough time to get anything done.  I must say though, that we’ve managed to do quite a bit – in light of the fact that Bill’s working full time and there’s just the two of us.  I think we’ve grown to the idea that it’ll get done when it gets done.  And with that, things are getting done, we’re having a blast and things are moving forward.
The wild Saskatoon berries are starting to ripen.  I picked about three pounds of them this weekend.  Going to make some jam.  The berries taste like a cross between raspberries and blueberries and are delicious.  In fact, I read that the word Saskatoon is derived from the native’s name for these berries.  They are everywhere and I can only imagine what a life source they must have been for the native population.  Even the Ukranians imbedded them into their traditional perogies.  So simple, three or four berries per perogie – topped with your choice of toppings (whipped cream, sugar, saskatoon berry jam, etc.).
After berry picking, I helped Bill finish the work on the screened in porch.  We got the screens up and the sheathing completed.  I have a screen door in the garage that I need to paint and then we just need to add the rolled roofing and siding.  We’ll pick away at that.  We’re onto bigger and better things – The Garage/ Cabin.
Once completed, the 30 x 30 structure will give us storage and a place to hang out in the winter.  We’ll have 6 months to finish off the inside.  Already have the woodstove so we’ll keep warm. 
Sunday morning we woke to the throaty sound of a crop duster spraying nearby fields.  Took me back to movies I’d seen about the 1950’s – but yes, they still do crop dusting around here.  Could hardly see the plane (though you could certainly hear it!) as it flew low to the ground, but Bill managed to get a shot or two of it so I’ll post it once I have his pics.
Our hay is now cut.  The hay that was cut and baled last week has turned a sweet golden brown and new alfalfa is begining to grow.  Bill’s hoping for a second crop…we’ll see – depends on mother nature.  Aparently there may be a hay shortage this year, due to the drought.  I think we’ll be asking somewhere in the neighborhood of $40/ bale.  Have to ask Morris.  He’s our resident expert. 
I found out that the government pretty much tells you what to grow, year over year.  I don’t like that.  I also found out that the western farmers who grow wheat are kind of hooped when it comes to pricing, due to being forced to be in some wheat consortium that legislates prices.  I don’t like that either.  Seems that the only way to get away from these issues is to go Organic, but then again to be certified I’m sure there’s some government board thats involved. 
I know farmers might need guidance when producing food on a world scale, but I would think that they should be amongst the richest at this point in our world economy – with food shortages in many countries and prices spiraling.  And yet, that’s not so.  There’s no such thing as a successful, small-time farmer.  In fact, farmers are losing money left right and center and many are making the move to get out of farming all together.  I know of one couple who are actually well to do from other endevours, who still own their family farm of 2000 acres and last year they made money for the first time in years.  The wife wants to sell – too much work and so little gain.  So the conglomerates come in and buy up more land to make more fast food.  Who wins
For now, we’ll just concern ourselves with feeding us for now.  If we can do that, we’d feel mighty proud.  And in the meantime, we’ll look at various business plans to determine what is the best direction for our farm. 
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