Where Did June Go?

I can’t believe we’re into July already.  Where exactly did June go?  It seemed to rush in and out so quickly, I hardly had a chance to notice it was gone.  June was a busy month for us.  Not only are we working on Tway, but we’ve also picked up another investment property with my parents, located in MB.  We jotted out to see it in early June.  What lovely landscape!  I think it was a good investment.  Time will tell.
At any rate, we also had a family visit with daughter, Heather and her grandson, Tavish.  Had a lovely time but got next to nothing done (which is how it should be when you have company).  With my computer recovering from a nervous breakdown I decided to back off computing too.  I got most all data restored, except my emails.  Thankfully I managed to write down all production companies who are looking at scripts, so all was not lost.  So now, I am back to the everyday life…time to start marketing and writing again. 
As for the farm (I think we might go with the name of Avalon Lane Farms), it’s coming along.  We will get a good crop of hay cut this year and make a small amount of money from it.  Got the trees in and there will be a few apples this year.  The rhubarb is taking off and will soon be ready to cut…the herb garden is doing great, in spite of the lack of rain (thanks to us watering by hand).  The potatoes we planted are up and growing like gangbusters.  Even the corn has sprouted.  Life is good.
On top of all the things we’ve been doing, we have found a few natural features of our land.  One is that much of the brush we cut to make room for our cultivated Saskatoon berries was actually WILD SASKATOON BERRIES!  Looks like we’ve got a ton of wild bushes to pick from.  Then, Morris dropped by yesterday to let us know he’d cut the bottom part of our hay field, and showed us that we have hazelnut trees and pin cherry trees! 
I figure we have another couple of days on the screened in porch…then we can start the shed and garage.  I’ll be happy to get both up by the first snow.  Maybe we’ll have water by then.  We got approval for the well grant so we need to get that done by the end of October. 
The summer will be gone before we know it! 
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