Computer Fried, Family Visit and Working Around Here!

Well, I lost my computer OS but they managed to save much of the data.  Not all of it though…that’ll teach me (Sarah and Martina – lost your email addresses (all emails)!).  Anyway, just a quick update as I have not been able to post.  The orchard is doing great and it looks like we’ve got many, many wild Saskatoon berry bushes on the property so I’ll be canning my can off!  The gardens are doing better now that we’ve had some rain.  It’s been so dry here, I’ve been watering the home garden, but the one in Tway is left to the natural elements.  So far, the potatoes look great and the corn is coming up.
We just had a wonderful visit with our daughter and grandson (Heather and Tavish) and can’t wait for more family visits.  Wish all the kids were near by.
Well, gonna scoot back to  Tway.  Gonn post a longer blog this week and have lots of exciting pics!!
Over and out for now!
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