Berry Bush Planting

We got the Saskatoon Berry bushes planted!  Wasn’t as much of an ordeal as it was to plant the trees on the other side of the Indian Trail – much better soil.  Hopefully the bunnies will stay clear of them.  Bill was told that they won’t bother them so we will see.  If I see one rabbit with purple juice dripping down its fur, I’ll be pretty ticked! 

Still waiting on the contractor to get our second cement pad up.  He’s delayed us a few days now and we sure wish he’d finish…we’d love to get it up so we have one building completed!  That being said, we’ll be working on the screened in porch first…company’s coming so we’d like to have the porch completed so the bugs don’t carry us away.

Bill also bought three more trees – two pear (each a different variety) and a plum which produces four varieties of plums.  They are now also planted and seem to be doing well.  A couple of the apple trees look ickish.  They aren’t dead, but the leaves are curling.  Not sure why yet…  We’ll call the previous owners and find out this week.

This weekend we didn’t do much…on that property.  Instead, we drove to Manitoba to inspect another property that we purchased with my parents.  Lots of work there.  Thankfully it looks like they will be up here next spring and will be our workmates.  We’ll help each other – them helping us with the farm and us helping them to gut and re-vamp the cabin. 

All this week is cleanup.  We’ll try to finish all the little unfinished work around here, and also start on the screened in porch.  I can’t wait for the weekend.  We’ll spend it in Tway so I hope the weather is good – though we could use some rain (sorry Calgarians!) as it hasn’t rained here in about 5 weeks!  Hard to water everything by hand.

This week’s excitement will be me attending an auction in Cudworth.  Let’s see what goodies this cat will drag home.  I am most partial to the boxfulls of junk that holds one small item that I want!  Or, of course, the surprise bids a la Casey the Tractor.

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