One Year Anniversary in Wakaw / Tway

I can’t believe it’s been a year since we moved from Airdrie!  Time goes by so fast anymore.  Guess that’s what happens when you’re busy.  And busy we’ve been!  In one year in Tway we’ve: opened up the Indian Trail, put in a driveway, got the garage pad poured, bought a tractor and cultivator, planted an orchard (8 apple and 2 cherry trees), are plowing up fields for corn and potatoes, planted the remaining fields in alfalfa, cut and piled lots of wood and brush, cleared the homestead site, and have applied for a well grant.  In Wakaw, we’ve repainted the exterior (needs second coat), painted the interior, put down hardwood floors in the sunken living room and hall, planted the large backyard garden, and got the hot tub up and running – and sold the other town lot we purchased last year.  Personally, I’ve completed my last two courses for my UCLA certificate in Feature Film Writing, completed a screenplay, re-wrote another and am starting my eighth.  A previous boss of mine, Rich P., once commented on my strong work ethic…well Rich, if you’re listening, it sure comes in handy when you decide to move to the country and start a farm!

All in all, the move has been very positive.  Though we very much miss being closer to our kids, and the people we got to know in Calgary (friends and coworkers alike), we still find peace here.  And when it’s been a long day, and we’re bone tired and weary from hard work, it’s a played-out kind of tired, not the stressed out exhaustion of the rat race. 

Guess we found our piece of paradise

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