Trees Glorious Trees

What better time to plant trees than the May long weekend.  First off, because that’s when we pick up the trees we’ve ordered from the Government – in Melfort, and secondly, because the kids were here to help with planting.    We managed to get over half the seedlings planted over the weekend.  We’d ordered 450  trees (spruce,  Manitoba maple and choke cherry) and only have about 100 or so left to plant.  Not bad!  It hadn’t rained much at all until yesterday so the ground was pretty hard.  Plus we’re planting in poplar groves, so the roots are hard to get through in places.  Thanks to Kris and JM for their help!  In the meantime, I gave Tara the GPS system to figure out.  She managed to work out a few of the functions – like the game that’s on it – but we got so busy I never got to talk to her about it!  Guess we’ll just have to sort that out for ourselves.

Last week Bill and I planted the 8 dwarf apple trees we bought in Radisson.  That was a bit of a struggle.  We had a time issue (plant them before they die) and a manpower issue (just the two of us then and I am a weakling).  But at the end of the day (day 2 – day one was spent moving them from Radisson to Tway), we managed.  Here’s a video of the orchard planting

Seems like Bill and I manage to do what needs to be done, no matter what.  We’ve accomplished so much this year! 

The apples are of at least three varieties:  Prairie Sun, Prairie Sensation, and four numbered trees.  These are cultured from the University of Saskatchewan and are specifically bred for our climate.  The haul should be between 30-50 lbs of apples per tree.  We might not see that this year, but next year for sure.

Bill’s starting to clear more of the ridge for Saskatoon berry and raspberry bushes.  And he’s signed us up for a Propagation Workshop at the university in August.  This class will focus on bud grafting and we’ll get a tour of the University’s horticultural facility.  Should be both fun and informative!

Had a great weekend with the kids who showed up…would love to get them all together again.  I need someone to try out and drink the home made beer and wine I’ve been making!  Actually we tried both out and the beer was strong, but drinkable (though no one did…) and the wine was really good.  The girls took 3 bottles home with them.  I have a new batch of wine on that is not de-gassing.  I don’t know what’s wrong with it.  I’ll have to make a call to a wine store to see if I’ve wrecked the batch.  Oh well…you can only drink so much at one time anyway!!  😀

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