Building an Orchard

The sun has finally decided to come and warm this place – warm, bright blue sky replacing the cool, most often gray sky of winter.  Spring is turning warm and our apple trees are on their way.  We go to pick them up on Saturday.  So far, we have only three holes dug.  Most of our efforts went to clearing the brush from the place we’re planting.  Tonight we shall journey to Tway to see how many more we can get done.  I will miss my beloved show, American Idol!!!  Oh well…we all know it will be down to the two Davids.  Enough about that…

This past week has been busy. I’ve bottled my beer – didn’t make as much as I thought so I think I’ll stick to wine.  Still and all, much cheaper than buying it…we’ll see how it tastes.  My second batch of wine has only 8 more days to go till I bottle it. It should be real good.  I haven’t had much of the first batch.  The kids will like it when they come here for the long weekend.

We’ve also got to clear trees for our garage pad.  It’ll be poured some time next week…then we order the garage package and away we go!

I got my bee book from the agricultural bee guy.  Came with a registration too.  Though I put an ad in the paper for used bee equipment, I’ve had few calls.  I guess I will have to buy new – which is probably a good thing, as there is a virus out there that has wiped out many colonies and I wouldn’t want to start with contaminated hives.

I also called the watershed authority and found out that we could get up to $5,000 towards drilling our well.  I have to fill out the paperwork and send it in by the end of May.  The well is going to be expensive, but worth it in the long run.  We need good water up there and that’s the only way we’re going to get it.

There’s a lot to this farming, I tell ya.  Thankfully we have good neighbors who I’m sure have many answers to our questions.  Besides, it’s a nice diversion just to have company and chat for a spell. 

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