Meet The Blakelys

Well, well…it’s been an exciting week.  We sold the lot in two days – and set a local record for lot prices.  We earned 1300% in 11 months.  God must smile on us, as we bought in at the right time.  There’s even still more equity left in that lot – but we needed to get a start on building in Tway.  Every time we go up there we find it hard to return to the hustle and bustle of life in Wakaw ….kidding, but still, we love it out there.

We went to another auction and bought a few more farm items…a hay wagon (needs the bed), a 250 gal. water barrel, some lumber…picked it all up on Saturday and even got to visit The Blakely Tractor!! (See photo gallery)  Felt pretty good sitting up there, looking out over the parking lot.  Bill says we really lucked out (again, the good Lord smileth upon my fair head) and it seems to be in great condition for its age. This week I will attend two online auctions.  Shouldn’t have any more mishaps…I know how it all works now.  Bill and I have reviewed the inventories and know what I will bid on.  Fun!!!!  We’re also going to an auction next Saturday, as well. 

So Morris and Kathy, our neighbors in Tway, invited us to a Tway community get together.  We met at M&K’s first and got a chance to chat prior to the party.  They are very gracious hosts and I know will be good friends.  Everyone in Tway was there (minus two couples)- about 28 folks.  And what a collection of personalities!  Bill and I had a great time. The event was catered by a local couple and the food was great.  It ended at about 10pm, so us and another couple went back to M&K’s for further partaay-ing.  It’s been a while since I’ve laughed so much.  Good chemistry with these folks.  I think farm life builds that in their character.  Be kind to each other, help one another, look out for each other…  I like that.  M&K’s cows have had babies so I may be able to see some calfs next weekend.  Hope I do – then I’ll have some baby cow pictures to post!

We’re getting so close to realizing our dream of a farm in Tway.  We’ve got the garage pad booked to be poured in mid-May.  I’ve got Co-op pricing out the garage package for us to order, and we’ve got a tractor that is more than a lawn decoration!  Life is good.  My man and I are thrilled to be here.

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