It’s About Time! Spring Hath Returneth

It’s nearly the middle of April, but we finally have spring in Saskatchewan (Tway/ Wakaw area).  What a relief!  Not that we minded winter all that much – I mean, when you’ve got the toys for outdoor sports, winter goes by pretty fast – but your body knows the time for seasonal change and starts to get antsy in anticipation of a new season.  Today it’s going up to 66F – 19C.  That should be enough to melt what’s left of the snow – or most of it.  Then, of course, the temps dip again and the rain starts, but pretty soon it’ll green up and look beautiful again.

We had a fun-filled week this week.  Bill asked me to see how the online bidding worked for farm auctions – because he’s looking for a tractor for our farm.  I poked in, registered, figured out how to access the live audio…man, it was just like being there.  I watched several tractors be auctioned off.  $27,000, $35,000, one even went for $102,000!  So when they started bidding off on a tractor that was kind of old but only at $500, I thought to myself – Hey, I can jump in here and test out how the bidding application works. 

Well, in a split second the auctioneer was up to $750 – do I hear $800?  So I typed in $800.  He said, "800 from an online bidder."  I knew that to be me!  But then something unexpected happened.  No one else bid any higher.  He almost seemed to speed past this little Case 830 (The 1963 Case-O-Matic no less!) and guess who ended up buying a tractor?  That’s right folks… 

Well, okay, I thought, that’s not too bad.  We have some money in savings I can draw from…but where the heck is the auction and how far do we have to drive to pick up our ancient beast?

As luck would have it, the tractor resided on a farm in Calder, SK.  Only 4 HOURS AWAY FROM US!  Panic soon set in…and then the phone rang.  My lovely husband.

"Hey honey, you’ll never guess what happened.  I was just testing out how the bid application worked and – well – I bought us a tractor!"

"Oh,"  he said.  The sound was not unlike air leaking from a balloon.  He was hoping that we would go to an auction together and find something TOGETHER.  "Where is it?"

"Well, it’s about 4 hours from here."

Silence.  I thought he’d kill me…but you know what?  He told me not to worry and that we’d figure out a way to get it.  "Does it have a three point hitch?"


Again, I sensed his disappointment.  "Maybe we can sell it," he said.

Bill called and found someone to transport the tractor to Melfort – about an hour from Tway.  There’s a Case dealership there where he can have it tuned up and then can drive it to our Tway property.  But then the trucker-fellow offers that someone he knows would buy it.  So Bill went back online, looking for another tractor, but three point hitches are not used a lot here.  The fields here are huge and you don’t need that kind of maneuver-ablilty here.  And the newer tractors (1970’s and up) will cost thousands of dollars.  So we opted not to sell our little darling! 

I bottled our first batch on wine on Friday (Friday was a busy day for me – tractor buying, wine bottlin’…).  You see, I bought the cheapest box of wine at the pharmacy (yes, they sell wine kits and accessories at the drug store).  And I didn’t even bother buying fresh bottles – just saved up some empties (I didn’t want to invest much, as I didn’t know if I was going to be able to pull this off or not!).  But, in the end, other than being far too sweet for my liking – it worked out fine.  It’s a nice, refreshing drink, like a wine cooler; about 5% alcohol content – Raspberry Merlot by Niagara Mist.  Not bad, but not red wine.  So I promptly went back to the pharmacy and bought a more expensive box of wine – this time a Chianti.  I was thinking of brewing some beer, too.  Not that we drink beer that often, but I’d only need one batch and that’d do us (the kids when they visit) for the year.  Why, you might ask, did I even start brewing wine?  Another auction story – last year I bought a whole card table full of wine making equipment.  I thought – use it or lose it!

We also started to do some work around the house on Saturday.  Bill laid tile in the front entranceway and has readied trim for me to stain this week, so we can finish the trim in the house and do some paneling. This place is really starting to shape up.  It’ll fetch a fine dollar when we’re ready to sell, in a couple of years.  We are going to put our 50′ x 150′ lot in Wakaw up for sale.  If we can sell it for our asking price (and we’re not dickering too much on this, as the land inventory here has jumped sky high with the announcement of three new developments.) we should have enough money to build our garage/ temporary cabin in Tway, drill for water, and possibly even get our house foundation dug and poured. 

Next weekend will likely be spent in Tway.  We need to ready a spot for the 8 apple trees that will be coming at the end of April/ first of May.  Things are really starting to come together.  All our hard work is starting to show.  We’re going to go to another auction this week and maybe pick up some lumber for chicken coops, etc.  Wonder what else we’ll bring home – with us, you just never know

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2 Responses to It’s About Time! Spring Hath Returneth

  1. TheWhiteSeal says:

    Hi there,A while back I started brewing my own wine, I have really started getting into it and now actually sell my wine to friends and family. I wanted to add that extra touch to my wine so I designed my own wine labels and had them printed by a british labels company who did a excellent job. It has made my wine bottle look really great!

  2. Jackie says:

    That\’s cool.  Bill and I threw that idea around and will do that as well sometime soon, under Wild Bullfrog Ridge.  Our son, Jason, is a graphic designer so maybe we can get him to work up a design.

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