Disturbing News!

Disturbing News – that was the title of one of the news stories on the front page of this week’s local paper, The Wakaw Recorder (see story in photo section).  I thought to myself – what’s happened?  Axe murderer move into town?  Someone die?  Just what could be so disturbing?  I’ll tell you what – the local Cadet Program is closing down.  I read the article and laughed.  In city life, disturbing news usually involved maiming or killing of someone or something.  I like country life, where the most disturbing thing to happen (and I don’t mean to downplay this because the cadet program is obviously an important program locally) – is that they closed down the cadet program

So in honor of The Wakaw Reporter and of the local culture here, I’ve featured a couple of their news stories.  Congrats to the Ms. Conduct female hockey team for winning the gold!  And check out the picture of the Ukrainian Dancers.  The costumes are lovely. 

This week we bought our first solar panel.  It’s nothing large, but it will hopefully keep the battery in the trailer charged up all summer so we never run out of power in Tway!  It gives us some feeling of independence!  With that and the generator, we’re good to go – now just bring on spring!!

We also got our order in for another 450 seedling trees for planting on our property.  Didn’t get any lilac – they were out – but we got hawthorn, choke cherry, Manitoba maple, and Scotch Pine.  We’re going to be real busy, real soon!

We’ve just recently ordered 8 mature apple trees from orchard owners who are downsizing their orchard.  They grow over 50 varieties of apples and we’ve chosen 4 types – from sweet to tart.  Each tree will produce 25-30 pounds of apples.  We need to select an appropriate spot in Tway for them and have it prepared for planting late April / early May – whenever the frost is out of the ground.

*edited to add

This past week I just found out that Tway is a ghost town and that the name, Tway, is actually a bastardization of a French family name of Touet, but I see it is also an Irish surname – so that will require more investigation.

On a personal note, I just completed my feature film writing certificate from UCLA!!  YAY!  Now I am marketing my drama, MESMERIZE.  Already there is interest.  I stopped marketing my work until I completed the course, and I think that was a smart move.  I don’t seem to have problems drumming up interest, I just needed to get some learning behind me to write a great script.  Hopefully I’ve done that!

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