Wine Making and Other Stories

I started a batch of wine a  couple of weeks ago, but this batch is slow going.  I’ve had to resort to using an electric blanket to keep it warm so it ferments.  One thing is for sure, if the wine doesn’t turn out, I will have enough vinegar to last a lifetime!  Still, it is an interesting process.  I’m often thinking that I haven’t done something right (a real possibility!) but so far, so good.  The only thing I could have done differently was used a plastic bucket for my secondary fermenter.  Instead, I siphoned the wine into a glass carboy.  Makes it impossible to read the specific gravity…oh well.  Hootch is hootch. 

Thought we’d be putting the sleds up last weekend, but we got a few cm’s of snow and it’s still cold so we should get at least another weekend out of it.  I can’t wait for spring though.  Get out in the yard, garden, putter…  We’ve got some serious plans for Tway.  Going to put a garage up there this year, as long as we sell out lot in town.  We’re also going to drill the well and at the very least, lay out where our septic will go.  Bill and I have decided to build off the grid.  We’ll be using solar panels and wind power.  Don’t know how long it will take to get it all set up, but half the fun is getting there!

Well, the seeds I planted two weeks ago, you know, the ones that were germinating quite nicely – well, they’re DEAD!  It just happened so quickly.  One day, the sun shinneth so brightly in through the window.  So bright in fact that it heated the living room up – quite toasty – I had a nap.  When I awoke, the seed planter-thingy was really fogged with condensation.  When I lifted the lid – it was evident.  They were dead.  Well, death happens. I have since replanted and am keeping a much closer eye on this batch of seedlings!

Living so far away from everyone in our families has allowed us to take advantage of free software for teleconferencing.  We SKYPE with parents, siblings and kids.  It has become a great source of entertainment for us.  At least we can see faces now…and they can see ours…  So it has become a production for me – fix the hair, put on the makeup, play some music – company’s coming!

So the dogs loved the new snowfall.  On of the pups, Tidbit, got a face full.  Looked like Joey through a snowball at her!

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