Homesteading 101

A while back I asked a
question on the board of a homesteading site,
Homesteading Today – What IS a homesteader? – and by definition, I
guess Bill and I are moving towards being homesteaders!  Basically, being
a homesteader means living lightly on the earth, trying to live on things
created with as little commercial processing as possible, and being GREEN. 

We’ve got the land (160 acres) but lack
the buildings (home/ farm).  This year we are going to put a garage
package on it though…and perhaps get our foundation poured.  Depends on
if we sell our lot in town and what we’ll get for it.  Land prices in SK
have skyrocketed.  It’s a nice corner lot that’s already serviced with
water and power to the door so it should sell.  Right now we live in a
nice enough place, but it’s not where we’d like to finally settle down. 
But Wakaw and surrounding area is a Homesteader’s paradise.  It’s quite a
sight to see that everyone has a garden in the back yard – and it’s usually
half the yard or more.  These are humble folks, many are farmers who’ve
moved in from the country.  So we’re in the right place, for sure!

This past year we experimented with chickens, gardening and canning.  This
coming year we are looking at solar power for our campsite, building some
buildings on the land and maybe, just maybe, purchase a cow or two.

You know, the MOVEMENT is all around me.  One sister (Cyndi) is a
homesteader and doesn’t really acknowledge it.  She calls her home a hobby
farm and yet they grow most of their own meat.  My other sister (Kathy)
serves nothing but home baked goods and concentrates on her relationship with
her family and God.  We’ve all left good paying jobs (for varying reasons)
and now concentrate on personal fulfillment.  And we’re not alone. 
It’s happening all around us.

It feels good.  It’s a freedom that has lifted the heavy oppression of
consumerism from me.  I don’t think I could have bought another appliance
that I already hadn’t bought three or four times over.  Keep is

So you can see from this week’s photos that I am baking now – bread
mostly.  I’ve got a great bread maker and some good recipes.  Now,
all I need to do is to remember to put ALL the ingredients in the basket before
pressing start.  See what happens without butter??  Who knew??

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