Tway Sledding Day

Yesterday we had a wonderful time with our snowmobiles in Tway!  Today, the muscles in my back are very sore from all the twists, turns and steering.  It’s a big machine and I am hardly what I would call ‘in shape’.  All that aside, we spent a few hours in the fields and on trails.  I only got lost once (Bill had ridden ahead and I had to take a run at a hill.  By the time I got to the top, he was out of sight.), got tossed off the sled once (in my excitement, when I finally saw Bill coming for me after a few frantic moments, I tried to turn quickly and ended up on the ground), and got the sled stuck twice ("But you’ve got the better machine," Bill laments). 
The trails were nice, but I think the frozen ponds are the most fun.  There’s one about three miles from our property that is huge, and the snow drifts are plentiful.  Lots of bouncy, bouncy, catchin’ air fun.  At least for me.  Bill was riding the old machine, which, he informed me, has no or little shocks.  The new sled, on the other hand, has great shocks, so the more bouncy, the more fun! 
We’re going up next weekend too.  Going to take my ice fishing hut up there, our lunch and supper, and make a day of it.  Two if the weather holds.  It was such a nice surprise to find the trails.  I had no idea they were there.  I think I read that the Tway SnoSnakes had a poker run on Saturday, so that’s probably why they were in such good shape.  We’re going to join the Tway Sledding club.  It’s only $150 for a lifetime membership.  Just have to go to Maurice’s and pay up.  It’s well worth it.
In the spring, we’ll try to cut through some of our back 40, to prep for next year.  We’ve got some splendid woods at the back part of the property, with lots of hills.  It’s not just the twists and turns that make it so much fun, but the beauty of being buried deep in the woods, moving slowly on narrow paths.  Great fun!
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