Walk With Me Down Memory Lane

Okay, so I’m no spring chicken, and I just celebrated another birthday –  and spent the whole day tripping down memory lane.  Am I getting that old?
I have a cool dad…another Aquarian.  He always bought me the first of every technological commercial offering.  I had a calculator when they were still $60 or more.  Same goes for a digital watch and tape recorder.  Recording home conversations and creating little skits with my sibs became a pastime.  After all, we lived in the country, 12 miles from town, on a lake that offered no real neighbours my age after summer had gone.  So on my birthday this year, I listened to countless renditions of me singing The Carpenters, The  Beatles and McCartney songs, even going so far as to play Band on the Run on my recorder (I was, after all, in grade 8).
What was really neat was to hear my long dead grandmother and brother’s voice on tapes that are 35 years old.  To hear my parent’s youthful voices (they were in their 40’s then), and to hear my baby sister (HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAL) who has just turned 42 today say ‘puppydoggy’ in her 6 year old voice. 
With the advent of video cameras, this is nothing new, but 35 years ago we only had movie cameras, which were expensive and even required a projection screen – so my find was pretty special.  I plan to put my taped memories on CD, if possible…  In the meantime, I have recorded them onto a mini tape recorder and then onto my computer.  So while the sound is a bit degraded and scratchy, please bear with it…these are the things my memories are made of.
The Opening Song – Rainy Days and Mondays – The Carpenters with Jackie (11) and Cyndi (9) on harmonies
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