Mid Winter’s Dream – Am I Still Sleeping

I am finally starting to feel better so I thought I would post.  My flu lasted nearly three weeks.  It morphed from one part of my body to the next.  At any rate, I am feeling much better now. 
Not much going on in these parts.  We could have participated in several local events, but we were too sick to do much so we’ve just been laying around, drinking tea.  It feels good to relax though.  Hopefully we will get out on the sleds soon.  Shame to see them just sit out in the yard.  It’s funny how, when you’re sick for more than a couple of days, it starts to feel like forever.
At any rate, we’re almost halfway through our first winter in SK and I can say that I haven’t minded it at all.  It’s so pretty…even if cold.  And we’ve made it fun with toys for the outdoors.  Before I know it, it will be spring again.  We’ve got flower beds to plant and a garden to ready. 
So, we’re just boring folks right now, taking it easy, resting up, relaxing.  Soon enough we will be back into the thick of it with working on our Tway property and on this one.
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