‘Tis the season

…cold and flu season that is.  I didn’t get a flu shot – never do, but I am rethinking that now.  But at least I am on the tail end of it (hopefully!!)  And it’s given me time to read.  I’m reading four books now.  The best of these is one called The Holographic Universe. byMichael Talbot If you are into quantum physics and cutting edge scientific theories, this is the book for you.  All is one, one is all….Auuummmm….
The second best book is called The Language of God by Francis Collins.  It’s second due to the author’s writing style.  Way too much of him in the book…I prefer the science to the personality.  At any rate, the fellow who wrote the book was a scientist who worked on the human genome project.  After his work, he concludes that there is scientific proof for God.  Pretty neat stuff…still not quite half of the way through this one though.
The other two books are mind candy.  Nothing of note.  But I like to change it up.  Book that make me think, and books that numb the brain! 
sniff sniff…I feel a sneeze coming on.  Time to lay down…grab a book and a cup of tea.  Auummmmm…..
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