Christmas is coming!

Jolly old Saint Nick is almost ready for his midnight romp through the sky.  For the first time, I heard that he would be escorted by Norad officials.  Guess they don’t want terrorists shooting him out of the sky or anything.  Really!  It’s enough that we track the dude, but does he really need an escort?  Who the heck can keep up with him anyway?  Guess all those UFOs people see from time to time are actually secret army craft – and of course in true bureaucratic form, being put to good use to escort a jolly, chubster who likes to give out presents to all the world’s children.  Geesh.  My how times have changed.  I wonder if Santa carries a taser…
I recall that one year I had been listening to the radio play Christmas carols on Christmas Eve.  I was 13 then, and babysitting my siblings.  They had been hushed to bed and the house was dark, save for the Christmas tree lights, and I listened as I looked out the window overlooking the bay of Christie Lake, while the radio DJ read out the Santa Clause location report.  They had spotted him.  He was heading our way.  In that moment, staring out into the starry night sky, I wished I still believed in Father Chirstmas.
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