Deep Freeze

It’s cold.  Everywhere, so it seems.  Guess we picked the wrong time to move to northern Saskatchewan!!  Well, not really.  We’ve just found that in order to appreciate the cold, you need to be involved in activities that lend itself to snow.  And you have to dress for it!  So far this winter, we’ve had one case of frostbite.
JM took our snowmobile (sled) out on one of the coldest days of the year (we hadn’t yet gotten home from work) and he didn’t dress appropriately.  Nor did he use the proper helmet with face shield.  Consequently, he ended up with a bit of frostbite on his cheek.  His friend got it on his nose (he also used a motorbike helmet with no face shield).  Oh, to be 17 and foolish again.  Thankfully, JM had a full recovery – and a life lesson.  He said he’d never been so cold in his life.  We worry about that child!
So we went into PA (Prince Albert) yesterday for a Chirstmas tree and came home with a tree and a brand new sled.  It’s an entry level model Polaris XC and was on sale thanks to the strong Canadian dollar.  Our old sled is 16 years old and in the shop for a tune up, so this one is quite a step up.  We’re taking it and the quad up to Tway today to run them.  Bill doesn’t want to bring the ice fishing tent yet.  He’d rather set it up first in the back yard so he knows what he’s doing, than fight with it in the cold.  That’s fine.  We’ll get it up there soon.  The whole idea was to have a place that we could get out of the cold and wind, while we were up there playing.  It’s going to be perfect for that.
Seeing as how we just bought a new toy, we’ve decided to put our DR trip on hold.  Instead, we’ll look at going north for  few days to ride some of the trails up north.  That’s the plan, anyway.  We’ll see…  Might just opt to stay at home under a pile a blankets!!!
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