Bye Bye Birdies

Alas, the chickens are no more.  They have flown to the great chicken coop in the sky.  They eat endless grain from golden feeders and cluck, cluck, cluck their way through the ethers…  Nah, they’re in my freezer, silly.    All of them…finally.  It’s a great relief and I am glad they are gone.  We weren’t ready for them but it was an interesting experience nontheless.
They probably would have froze to death in the weather we’re having now.  It’s brutally cold and even the water tap was freezing in the last days.  Though I did feel bad for the hens…someone had been laying eggs…but you know, the type of birds we had weren’t meant for laying.  THey would have eventually ate themselves to death. 
The temperature here has dipped below -20c and the windchill is -35c.  I asked some SK natives if this was normal.  They laughed, and said No, but I didn’t believe them. But I don’t care.  We need to get the skidoo tuned up and then we can take to the hills.  I even bought an ice fishing hut for us to use as a place to get out of the cold, when we’re playing in Tway.  It’s 8 x 8 x 6 so there’s lots of room, and Bill’s bought a heater that works off propane so we’re good to go! 
Christmas is coming on fast.  I really don’t know where the time goes.  Is it that we’re just older, or busier, or has someonespeeded things up???  I mean it, I just can’t keep up.  Working for a living is getting in the way of having a life.  But it’s a catch 22…I need the money to pay for the toys.  At any rate, I have a few decorations up, but not like I would normally.  Now it’s too cold to put outside lights up, so we’ll likely forego them this year. 
THE HOT TUB IS UP AND RUNNING THOUGH.  And that makes me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy.  But now I have tennis elbow and can’t keep it in the hot water – needs cold packs.  Go figure. 
So now, as far as work goes, we will focus on some renos inside, and on playing with our skidoo in Tway.  We still need to cut and haul more wood, and Bill needs to get our wood stove hooked up here, but I think that’s about all we’ll do until after our trip.  Bill and I are going to DR for my birthday.  I think we’ll need to thaw out by then!!!
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