FIrst Weather Warning This Season

Today we had our first winter weather warning.  No big  deal…10-15 cm.  They predicted winds of 70-90km/h but we didn’t get them here.  It was a lovely day.  We slept in…and they hadn’t predicted snow so when we got up and looked out the window, it was a great surprise to see the huge white flakes.  We were, in fact, hoping for a snow day tomorrow.  Unfortunately, there’s not enough snow to keep us home.  Yet….
The chickens had another week’s stay of execution.  We are going to use an automated chicken plucker this time (as opposed to skinning the suckers), and wouldn’t you know it – it was rented out.  Looks like someone else had chicken plucking in mind.  I can’t think of a nicer way to spend a day, then plucking chickents – NOT!  I won’t go down that road again.  Next year, we’ll only do 25.  That’s managable.  I think we’ve got about 25 left…and these things have got to be going on 15 lbs.  But they are tasty!  You know, Bill said that they are about 3 ft high now and they peck at him when he’s trying to feed them.  He really doesn’t want to have one of those unfortunate slip and fall accidents and become a pecking field for these aggresive birds.  The irony of it all. 
So we went to meet the mystery man behind the Wakaw Film Club.  He seems like a nice man.  Just moved in from the States and has opened up a small software company.  Wakaw is changing.  He intends to shoot a pilot here in the spring.  This should be interesting.  There were 8 people there – and only one of us was a long time Wakaw resident.   The rest were newbies.  I think I might take a stab at organizing some kind of group.  A writing group or – hey – I don’t know…just thinking out loud (and typing at the same time!).
Christmas is coming…and I am not prepared.  I usually have most of my shopping done by now, but this year I live so far away from stores, I am relying on Sears to help me get a jump on things with online ordering.  Maybe I could wrap up my chickens and give them out.  Yes, it would be a Christmas never forgotten.  My loved ones near and far would open their present and wonder which screw exactly came loose on old Jackie 😉 
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