It was a great long weekend, focused on having fun rather than working.  I didn’t get to buy a poppy this year…don’t actually shop all that much anymore!  But I usually buy one every year.  This year, I guess I focused on the rememberance part of life.  I’ve been blessed.  Even when times are down and I don’t feel much close to anything blessed.  But I am.  I’ve made wonderful friends, have great kids/ sibs/ parents, many interesting jobs, lived in a few countries and had many homes.  I am greatful for all. 
It’s funny – the path that has lead me to this place (Wakaw/ contentment) has had its share of twists and turns.  And you never know how your decisions will end up impacting your life down the road.  But these are the choices I’ve made, and they have brought me here – to the land of living skies.  So, while  I am greatful to the soldiers who fight the wars, I am also greatful and take time to remember my friends, my family, my pre-Wakaw life.  And though I miss parts of my former life, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  Its a transformation of sorts, to move past and get beyond to see what lies on the other side. 
So, Bill and I have joined the newly formed Wakaw Film Club.  A film club in Wakaw? you might ask…  Who knows what will come of this.  The fellow wants to shoot a pilot for a series in Wakaw.  We meet the group Wednesday night. 
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