Moon Baby

My hubby is a Cancer (born in June)…which explains all the moon pictures I post.  He really identifies with the moon in some way unknown to me.  That’s ok…I have my hangup too.  It’s water.  I need to be near it.  See it.  Not tap water either smartypants – I need lakes, streams, rivers, ponds…that is where I find comfort.  Our Tway property has many little ponds, as you know.   Guess that’s why I love it there.
Bill and I were out yesterday inspecting another property.  A half section (320 acres) that was about 20 mins from Tway.  It was lovely.  Was fenced, had power to the front area, had a dugout, looks like it has frontage on a large pond or small lake…but hydro into where we’d build would cost at least $20k and the roads into the second quarter section are not really kept up by the RM.  And even if we split the property and only offered on the second quarter section, it just wouldn’t work for us.  Besides, we’d be tying up cash that we need to build with.  So all in all, it was a fun romp on someone else’s property.  That’s where we took the picture of the elk bones.  Our dog, Jesse, thought he’d killed it and rubbed himself all over the bleached bones.  Silly pooch.
So our hay has been baled and it looks real nice sitting on the front section.  Maurice (thought he was saying Morris all this time) only did the first part of the large field.  So far.  We didn’t talk to him today so we’re not sure if he’s going to get to all of it or not.
Winter is coming upon us…we had a drizzle of snow on Friday.  Didn’t stick, but the chill is in the air.   I am hoping for a late start to winter.  We’d like to see the ponds freeze up so we can walk on them and get an idea of depth.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see if that will happen.
Only 29 chickens left.  The last ones we "harvested" were 10lb-ers.  They look huge.  The next batch will be small turkeys!  But they do taste good.  And it will be great to get them into the freezer once and for all…just ask Bill. 
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