Summer’s End

It’s official…summer has left us.  Gone are the gardens and flowers, the green grasses and yellow canola.  Fall is upon us with a chill in the air and crispy yellow leaves that spill on the ground from the shimmering poplar (the local weed, as Bill calls it).  Still, it’s nice here!  I guess we have made ourselves a home.  We went back to Ontario a couple of weeks ago, and as nice as it was, we still longed for the view that goes for miles and miles.  The fields here are bigger – much bigger than back east; and the roads are generally straight and easy to set cruise control and sit back and enjoy the view.
We saw a wolf today as we drove to work weresurrounded by coyotees yesterday at our property in Tway (they were not close by but sounded like they were tracking something – Bill thought it could be us so we booted it to the car) and saw some quail on the weekend up there as well and night after night, we witness huge flocks of birds migrating south (literally thousands!!!).  We had great weather to close up our camp last weekend.  It was cool, the heater in our trailer was on all night, and there was heavy frost in the morning, but it was beautiful.  We quaded to parts of our property that we had not seen before, and found the fenceline in the back 40.  The back part of our property is pretty spectactular as well.  I can’t wait to clear some trails and a camping area in there.  More work…more fun.
At any rate, Bill finished the outhouse and we moved some lumber.  We hope to get up there to quad again this weekend, Thanksgiving weekend, when the kids are here!
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