Now Presenting Mr& Mrs. Jason Blakely

What a great trip to Ontario!  We had a wonderful time celebrating our son, Jason’s, wedding.  It was great to see Heather (Daughter #2) and Tavish (Grandson #1) and we danced the night away to oldies and hip hop (against Bill’s will!!!).  It was a Class A wedding and we were the out of towners…had a Meet The Parents kind of feel to it – in that we had never met Liz’s parents before.  Liz (daughter-in-law #1) is a great girl and a super match for Jason (#1 son).  There was love and joy in the air.  We found ours.
So, a bit about our kids from the east.   Heather works with children and is a poet – writing beautiful, yet haunting poems and songs.  She’s also a full time mom to Tavish – a real sweetheart whom we hear is quite a chatterbug.  He’s only 4.5 but has so much energy, I can’t wait to see what awaits him in his future!  Jason is an award winning graphic artist by schooling, and a gardener and business partner by trade.  He and Liz have a great and growing business called Silver River Artisitc Landscaping
I really feel like I gave birth that weekend…to hope…to family…to my step kids!  I love them dearly and can’t wait for more family times.  I truly miss them – and all the kids – as we are in the middle of the prairies.
Thanks Jason and Liz – for your love.  Thanks Heather – for your patience!!!
Dad and I love you!
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