Lessons Learned

When working on a project a good project manager will always have one last summary of the project – Lessons Learned.  This summer, I’ve learned a few hard lessons.
1.  There is only so much time in a day.  ONly 7 days a week.  Work will wait.
2.  No more chickens. we didn’t mind processing them, what we don’t like is taking care of them.  They stink.   It will be nice to see them roost in my freezer.
3.  Never count yourself out.  While we moved out here to escape the rat race, we have been having fun at work and decided to keep a foot in the race.  It’s actually more of a drive through the countryside.
5.  Don’t waste time – it’s too precious.
6.  Laugh, live and love – even when bone tired, covered in paint, or brain dead after a long day at work.
There are more lessons, I’m sure, but it’s nearly bedtime (for us who get up at 4:30-5am).  Were we successful this summer?  I think so.  We might not have gotten everything done, but we realized that we can’t do everything. 
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