I don’t have any pictures of this weekend.  We were too busy.  My sister and her husband and family came to visit us (Surprise!) on Friday and stayed for the weekend.   It was a great, though fast, visit.  We weren’t prepared, but with that in mind, she was accepting of our less than perfect dwelling and setup. We had a great time, but I never had my camera handy – and I would have liked to!  She and I donned helmuts and cruised the backroads on the scooter and dirt bike.  It’s funny, I know I love it here, but I never understood why until Kath mentioned that the land up here has a certain sense of timelessness.  It goes on forever (much like generations of family – hence this week’s photos) and has few interruptions of fenceline or buildings.  Yes, it is timeless, but for me it also symbolizes freedom.  An Aquarian child born under the planet Uranus (if you are into Astrology you know what that would mean), I crave freedom and the wide expanse of fields, hills, trees, makes me smile inside.
This month’s weather has been awful.  It feels like autumn already.  Apparently the coldest August on record.  I was just happy to hear that it wasn’t the norm.  Our hay is still not baled…hopefully we can get someone to do that for us soon.  Next weekend, the kids come up.  I think they may be in for an experience…just may take the first of the chickens…mwahahaha…just kidding.  I look at the birds and I don’t feel guilt.  I will feel releif to get them into the freezer.  They are stinky and high maintenance.
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