Another Trail Cut

After getting through the Indian Trail, we decided to cut the trail to the road that will be our laneway.  We made it through in only a few hours.  It’s not nearly as dense.  We weren’t able to meet with the RM guy last week and Bill still hasn’t gotten in touch with him yet to rebook.  Hopefully we can get his feedback on costs for the road this week.
Summer’s almost over.  It’s kind of sad, and yet Bill and I are both looking forward to the changing season, the leaves turning, the birds gathering, and the smell of smoke from wood stoves in the air.  We’ve got a ton of wood cut, so we’d like to get a wood stove in before the snow flys.
We also got a step closer to getting our hot tub up and running.  It’s been on the utility trailer for the past couple of months, waiting for us to prioritize the time it took to dig a base and put gravel down.  It took an afternoon, but it’s now in a good spot.  Now we only need to get the electrician in to hook it up.
The chickens are getting big, and two weeks from now I will look at taking some for cornish game hens – if for no other reason than just to thin the population.  We’ll need to get a new freezer in before we butcher the rest of them, as the one we have, though large, won’t be big enough. 
The garden has produced about 15 lbs of peas and a few bags of yellow beans.  I also froze a ton of wild dill and jalepeno peppers.  Onions, carrots, potatoes and tomatoes are still on the grow.
Lots of work…and I am a bit behind in my screenwriting class.  I need to have a completed script by early September.  I am only two scenes into Act II.  I have no worries that I will complete it…it’s just going to be a push.  I am actually looking forward to winter, when things will slow down a bit (yeah, right). 
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