Busy Vacation Time

We’ve just finished 6 days off and are going back to work tomorrow   Who likes that after a few days off?  Tara (daughter #1)was down during our time off and we had a great time.  Went out fishing (I hold the record for catching the world’s smallest fish – about 4") and went on a back country tour.  Found some really interesting buildings and a very nice provincial park.  As well, we went through a couple of museums, went to the Wakaw Corn Roast and Parade and then finished up the vacation with a trip to the Western Museum in Saskatoon, followed by a few hours at the Saskatoon Ex.  A fun time was had by all!
Bill finished cutting through the Indian Trail a few days ago, when the kids and I trekked to PA to go to Walmart, and we went up with him today to finish clearing up the brush.  We can now drive on our property and soon will be able to drive down the trail.  We meet with RM official on Saturday to see how much a road into the property will cost.  They will put in the culvert for free.
We found the farmer that owns the adjacent field today.  He was baling hay – Bill asked him if he’d be able to do ours.  Seems like that is still unknown.  He has a ton of work to do himself.  Still, there’s no money in farming and he has large chunks of his property up for sale.   
Summer is almost over and there is still much to be done.  One step at a time, I guess. 
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